Maceration- 5 months in cement tank

The 2019 vintage, 12 alc. degrees, has an interesting taste range given by the characters of the three vines: Marsanne, a French variety from the northern Rhone which is also found in this area, gives the Gate a perceptible bitter note on the palate even more than on the nose , Malvasia di Candia gives it aromaticity, while Ortrugo the scent of apples, dried fruit, green and a hint of tannin .

Type- orange
Variety- Ortrugo 80%, 10% Malvasia di candia aromatica and 10% Marsanne

Bottles/year- 1100

Vineyard altitude- 300 m

Age of plants- 42 y/o


Aged-in the fiber glass tanks for 10 months

Soil- Silt with low nitrogen level and great drainage (eroded limestone) on the limestone
mother rock + some quartz. Slight superficial organic layer.

Farming system- No tractor used (to avoid the soil erosion). Cut the weeds once or twice a
year, but always left at least 10cm of the vegetation. The pest control with the surfer and the
copper, reduced quantity (30% of the recommended concentration).

Avarage planting density-. Less than 2000 plants per hector

Alcohol- 12,0%