Maceration- 20-22 days skin contact

Type- red

Casè is a Pinot Noir designed to be fresh and light. To achieve this result, we perform an early harvest. Grapes from younger vines coming from the lower part of the vineyard (richer, clay-based soil) are mixed with grapes from older vines. The maceration period is shortened up, and aging is carried out only in steel tanks

Variety- Pinot Noir

Bottles/year- 3000

Vineyard altitude 530 – 560 meters

Age of plants 3 – 15 years

Yest- Wild

Aged- Stainless steel and cement

Type of wood

Soil- Clay and limestone

Farming system- Guyot

Avarage planting density- 6000 kg / hectare

Alcohol- 12,00%