Maceration- 14 days


Aromatic nose of redcurrant, red cherry, rhubarb and white flowers. Then very spicy, with precise floral and saline nuances to the fruit-driven flavors. Finishes with excellent clarity and cut and a savory quality.

Agricola Le Furie hails from the rich terrains of Contrada Cicarra, Castanea delle Furie, located at the foot of the Peloritani Mountains in Sicily, Italy. This family-owned vineyard is committed to the preservation of the ancient Sicilian tradition, practicing organic farming on calcareous soil elevated 300 meters above sea level. Known for its high-density bush vines with chestnut posts, the winery celebrates manual cultivation, making each bottle a labor of love from this picturesque corner of the Mediterranean.The name ‘Faro’ originating from the Greek tribe – i Fari- who once lived around Messina.

Variety- Nerello Mascalese, Nerello Cappuccio and Nocera

Bottles/year-This is a rare red wine from Sicily. Only 956 bottles produced for the vintage

Vineyard altitude- 250-300 mt.

Age of plants- 10 – 80 years

Yest- indigenous

Aged- 24 months oak barrel 30 Hl end steel ,6 months in the bottle

Type of wood- rovere

Soil- clayey and calcareous

Farming system- alberello

Avarage planting density- 5000

Alcohol- 12,50%