Maceration- 7-10 days skin contact


Perfumes of sicilian citrus , honey and apricot long saline finish with hint of marsala.

The tradition of 4 generation of grillo interpreted in a new key. Slightly early harvest for the Grillo, before the skin becomes orange. 3 different harvest: the first, short harvest, less alcoholic grapes, high acidity. The second, Grillo and Verdejo harvested together. The last one, Grillo alone, longer maceration, higher alcohol. The tradition of Contrada Triglia meet Verdejo, that confere the aromaticity that smooths the tips of acidity and alcohol of the Grillo.

Variety- Grillo 50% – Verdejo 50%

Bottles/year- 7000

Vineyard altitude- 0 s.l.m.

Age of plants- 12-40 years

Yest- Wild

Aged- 6 months into tonneau and barriques

Type of wood- French oak

Soil- Mediterranean red soil and calcareous

Farming system- Guyot

Avarage planting density- 3800 / 4000 plant/Ha

Alcohol- 13,50%