Lumassina is an extremely rare variety.

The TWENTY-NINE vineyard terraces are surrounded by twenty hectares of wood consisting mainly of chestnut and pine trees, as well as downy oaks, holm oaks, strawberry trees.

Harvest and vinification

‘… We harvest our grapes between the end of September and the middle of October. In the period before we harvest, we carry out strict quality control measures looking for the perfect balance between sugars and acidity. To give the wine a greater aromatic complexity we harvest the grapes at different moments in the ripening process. For this reason, several micro vinifications are carried out in our cellar. During this process 500 litre containers are used, and maceration lasts for ten to twenty days…’

‘..All of our fermentations use natural yeasts naturally on the grape skin. After fermentation, the wine is aged in 225 and 500 L oak barrels, on lees. After 9/11 months, with the complete development of the malolactic fermentation, which takes place in late spring, the wine is ready to be bottled, without filtration or clarification. For our Lumassina di bosco we only use one-piece natural cork stoppers..’

‘Our Lumassina di Bosco has a golden, crystalline colour with opalescent notes. The nose gives hints of flint, yellow golds, Scotch broom, elderberry and orange blossom with notes of chestnut honey and nashi pears. The mineral undertones evolve from flint to salty and slate. On the palate, our Lumassina di Bosco is fresh, and fruity with a good acidity. Intense but not overpowering. Our wine pairs well with pasta, fish and white meats but can also be enjoyed alone.
The recommended serving temperature is around 15 degrees’
Sara Polo and Mauro Migliavacca ( Terrazze Singhie)

Maceration- 10-20 days

Type- White (straw yellow)

Variety- Lumassina

Bottles/year- 2936

Vineyard altitude- 300 mt s..l.m

Age of plants- 100 years

Yest- Wild

Aged- 11 months in oak

Soil- Sandy, silty rich in skeleton

Farming system- Guyot

Avarage planting density-.3500 plants per hectare

Alcohol- 12%