A wine born from the unusual white vinification of the two main red grapes of the Piacentini hills, barbera and Bonarda, with which Gutturnio wine has been produced for centuries.
Unlike Gutturnio, which has a long maceration on the skins and is characterized by fruity aromas, a great vinosity and a well marked tannin, the white vinification instead enhances the acidity of the barbera and the savory notes given by the soil, that was see 3 milion years ago.

Vinification- soft press of grapes

Type- Sparkling rosé
Variety- Barbera 60% , Bonarda 40%

Bottles/year- 5’000

Vineyard altitude- 220

Age of plants- 17 – 15


Aged- 6 months in concrete tank, 6 monts in bottle

Soil- Hard texture, red clay

Farming system- Guyot

Avarage planting density-.3000 vines per hectare

Alcohol- 12%