Amacappero is the first caper bitter in the world, a light bitter (27°) born from the infusion of Sicilian aromatic herbs but above all from the best selection of Capers coming from all the smaller Aeolian islands: Salina, Pantelleria, Linosa, Lipari. Volcanic soil.
The fresh caper is exclusively from Salina.
The capers are all DOP, IGP and Slow Food certified.
Production and process: The amaro is obtained by using both fresh and preserved capers. The use of the green caper (fresh), confers a vegetal component and indeed freshness.
The satin green color with golden shades is given by the natural infusion of Capers without the addition of artificial dyes. It is already savory on the nose with mineral, herbaceous hints and above all the classic range of caper fragrances. The flavor is delicate and persistent, fresh and intense, pleasant on the palate with an aftertaste “naturally bitter”.
Production area :                       Santa Venerina – Etna east
Area of origin of the Capers:      Lipari – Salina – Pantelleria – Linosa
Alcohol content:                         27°
Color :                                        Light green satin with golden shades.
Nose  :                                      The salty note immediately stands out on the nose – the unmistakable aroma of capers. Mineral, herbaceous with vegetal notes that reminds basil and green                                                   olives.
Flavor  :                                    It is soft on the palate but decisive, fresh with clear herbaceous notes and the typical flavor of caper, the finish is naturally bitter.