Maceration- 60 days on the skin
Type -oxidative wine

Obtaines with “perpetuum” method, an ancient practice typical of Marsala area, which consiste in re-filling the partially empty barrel with the new vintage.
in this case, the base is a 10 years Grillo vintage, filled with young Cataratto. Then 2 years of bottle aging.
Variety- cataratto 80%, grillo 20%
Bottles/year- 1800
Vineyard altitude- 0 s.l.m.
Age of plants:
Yest – wild
Aged – 10 years of barrel ageing for the base of grillo + young Cataratto re-filling. 2 years bottle ageing
Type of wood :
Soil – clay
Farming system-guyot
Avarage planting density- 3500-3800
Alcohol – 15,50%