Maceration- Soft direct press 80% , 20% salasso tecnique.

Type -Spumante  (traditional method)

This sparkling wine is obtained from the pressing of the typical Ortrugo grapes harvested by hand in our vineyards.
It has a pale straw yellow color with orange reflections. The nose expresses delicate finesse and at the same time complexity, with a characteristic aroma, the taste is dry, structured, with great acid freshness and a strong character.

Variety- Ortrugo

Bottles/year- 1200

Vineyard altitude- 260 mt slm

Age of plants- 28/43

Yest- wild

Aged -11 months in cement tanks, 18 months in bottles

Type of wood

Soil- Clayey-sandy of Pliocene origin

Farming- system Guyot

Avarage- planting density 2500/3000 plants/ Ha

Alcohol- 12%%