Maceration- Long maceration on the skin 6 months

Type- Orange

Nose of orange and tangerinezest. On the palate ripe grapefruit, baked apple, candied fruit, date, bruns and dried bread. Resinous. Strong tannin feeling. Bitter aftertaste with blood orange

Long maceration are an ancient tradition in Val di Trebbia. The history tell us that the absence of space for drawing off wine led to the discover that those grapes were improved by long stays on skins. The vineyards overlook Trebbia river, facing southeast. Territory quite hot.The wine acquires with aging a scent of very ripe apricot.

Variety- Malvasia di candia aromatica

Bottles/year- 3500

Vineyard altitude- 200 mt s.l.m.

Age of plants- 12 years

Yest- Wild

Aged- Stain less steal for 2 years, with one racking per season

Soil- Clay and limestone

Farming system- Guyot

Avarage planting density- 5 000 plant / Ha.

Alcohol- 12,00%