La Lupa di San Fereolo is a rosé wine that comes from 100% Dolcetto grapes. Whimsical and creative, La Lupa is an original way to explore Dolcetto grapes in its chosen area. A brief maceration of just 24 hours gives us a liquid of character, enigmatic but expressive. To be served fresh and not cold and then appreciate its evolution in the glass.

Maceration- 24 h.

Type- Rose’
Variety- Dolcetto

Bottles/year- 2000

Vineyard altitude-500 mt s.l.m.

Age of plants- 10-40 years


Aged- 8 months stainless steel

Soil- medium texture, limestone dominated soil

Farming system-Guyot

Avarage planting density-.4000 to 5000 vines per hectare

Alcohol- 12,5%