Maceration – 2 days

Type – white

 A classical Umbrias’s brend, presented in its revised version: a short and soft maceration enables the wine to reach its personal and etehereal elegance. Typified by sweet olfactory notes of jam. In the mouth it remains soft and full-bodied but it always maintains its natural freshness.

Variety- Trebbiano 60% Grechetto 30% Malvasia di Candia 10%

Bottles/year- 2550 b. for year

Vineyard altitude- 280mt

Age of plants- between 16 and 43 years

Yest- Indigenous

Aged- 17 months in stainless steel tanks

Type of wood  –

Soil- sandy 70% clayey (light clay) 30%

Farming system- guyot

Avarage planting density- 1800

Alcohol – 13,00%